This 42nd edition of the Ryder Cup will be the opportunity for the Fédération française de golf to promote golf in France and to highlight the values associated with this sport. In this context three points come to light : the determination to encourage the playing of this sport, to inject enthusiasm into the high level sport, and to make France a real golfing destination while respecting (...)

Did you say... Ryder Cup ?

It is to golf what the world cup is to Football. Players say that downing a 1m5 putt to win it is a thousand times more difficult than downing a 5m for a Major. Purists love its spirit, the pride of (...)

Past results

Even if the Europeans won the last three editions, the duel hasn’t always finished in favour of the Old Continent. The Americans have also had their hours of glory as you can see by discovering the (...)

Discovering the Albatros

Renowned as being one of the best championship courses in Europe, many professional golf stars and the best amateurs have been put to the test here during some of the great national and international (...)

Futures venues

After the 2014 edition that took place in Europe, in Scotland at Gleneagles, and in line with the alternating principle between the two continents, it’ll be the American’s turn to host the next Ryder (...)

Match format

The programme is spread over 1 week but the match itself is 3 days, from Friday to Sunday. The first two days are devoted to Foursomes and Fourball. The final day is in Singles format. At the end of (...)

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Les footballeurs pros italiens s'imposent au Golf National

Les footballeurs pros italiens s'imposent au Golf National

A quelques jours du début de l'Euro 2016, d'anciens footballeurs professionnels italiens et français se sont affrontés sur l'Albatros du Golf National. Dans un esprit de Ryder Cup, l'Italie est venu à bout de la France.

Fitness avec Joanna Klatten session 3

Fitness avec Joanna Klatten session 3

Trois nouveaux exercices pour développer le haut et le bas du corps ainsi que la chaîne abdominale grâce à notre joueuse LPGA Joanna Klatten.

Astuce de pro : driver plus loin avec Joanna Klatten

Astuce de pro : driver plus loin avec Joanna Klatten

Joanna Klatten, joueuse avec la meilleure moyenne de distance au drive sur le LPGA Tour, vous donne les clés pour une mise en jeu la plus longue possible.

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